Debt Settlement

For most people, debt settlement is the right solution to get back on track quickly.

How does Debt Settlement Work?

Settling your debt means coming up with a specific plan of action to get you out of debt.

This plan may be formal, or informal, and may or may not need the agreement or consent of your creditors.

A debt settlement plan may include one or more of the following steps:

  • Contact your creditors to negotiate a payment plan or settlement amount;
  • Refinance existing loans or do a debt consolidation;
  • Consumer proposal;
  • Liquidate an asset to free up cash;

Needless to say, YOUR debt settlement plan needs to be tailored to YOUR specific situation. Factors that will determine the most effective plan for you include the following:

  • The causes of your financial problems;
  • Your monthly income, living expenses and family situation;
  • Your debt load and the types of debts you have;
  • Assets you might own and want to protect such as a house, vehicle or investments;
  • Legal actions taken by your creditors such as collection letters, judgments and garnishments.

Analyzing your situation to come up with the right debt settlement plan can be a daunting exercise. Let us help you. We provide free confidential consultations.

To learn more, contact us or click on How We Can Help Settle Your Debt.

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