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Unemployed? Divorced? Stressed by debt? You’re not alone. The good news is that we can help. Most of us will experience debt problems at some point during our lifetime. Knowing the causes of your financial problems and finding the right solution is key.

We understand that every situation is different. We will help you find the right debt solution FOR YOU.

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How to consolidate your debt?

Debt consolidation is a solution that involves combining many different debt obligations into one payment. Not all debt consolidation options are created equal.

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Tips to manage your money

Good money management is the key to a bright financial future. A basic plan starts with a budget and a set of financial goals. Proper money management is about making the right choices.

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How to Settle Unpaid Taxes

Amounts owing to Canada Revenue Agency for personal income tax, corporate tax, HST or other amounts can be settled with CRA. Are you self-employed? Operate a business? A corporation? We can help settle your unpaid taxes.

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The Fontaine Difference

Fontaine & Associates takes pride in ensuring we help take away your stress and solve your problems. This is done with dignity and respect. We understand that life is a marathon – not a sprint. We all endure setbacks from time to time. Our job is to apply our expertise to get you back on track quickly. We are credit counselors and Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Our services are supervised and approved by the Canadian Federal Government.

Fontaine was there for them...

Credit counselling corrected our spending habits. Now our kids have a brighter future.” – Adam

Debt settlement meant I didn’t have to claim bankruptcy.” – Jessica

“Handling bankruptcy with Fontaine put a stop to the phone calls and demand letters.” – Luc

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