Credit Counselling

Credit counselling plays an important role in helping people fix their debt problems.

Why get Credit Counselling?

Credit counselling will teach you various budgeting and money management skills. These basic skills are necessary if you want to properly manage your finances and avoid getting into financial problems.

Through credit counselling, you learn the following:

1. Create a balanced home budget;
2. Get your spending under control and correct bad spending habits;
3. Set financial goals and priorities;
4. Learn about different types of debts such as credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit, secured versus unsecured debts, good debts, bad debts;
5. Identify various causes of financial problems and warning signs;
6. Learn about the risks involved in co-signing or guaranteeing a debt for someone else;
7. Learn about credit bureaus, credit rating and scores and how they impact your borrowing ability.

Applying the above skills will go a long way in helping you achieve financial success.

Credit counselling plays an important role in helping people fix their debt problems. Depending on the amount of debt your have, it may become part of an overall plan to settle your debt.

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