Credit Counselling

Credit counselling plays an important role in helping people fix their debt problems.

Tips to Manage your Money

Good money management is the key to a bright financial future. A basic plan starts with a budget and a set of financial goals. Proper money management is about making the right choices.

1. Set up a monthly budget
List your monthly net take home income from all sources. Then list and deduct all of your household living expenses. Ideally, you are spending less than what you earn and you have a surplus.

2. Determine your financial goals
Decide what you want to do with your monthly surplus. Do you want to pay down debt? Put money aside for retirement? Save for your kids’ education, a trip or a major purchase? Paying high interest debts should be a priority.

3. Monitor your progress
Proper money management requires constant monitoring. Keep track of your progress and make adjustments to your budget on a regular basis.

4. Pay attention to warning signs of financial problems

  • You spend more than what you earn;
  • You use credit to cover your monthly shortfall;
  • You miss monthly debt payments;
  • You are unable to reduce your debts, or worse, its going up;
  • You have no money left for any savings.

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