Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal allows you to Reduce And Consolidate your debt without paying any interest.

When to Apply for Consumer Proposal

Consumer proposals are best suited for individuals that have a stable income but are unable to significantly reduce their debt due to high interest charges, actions taken by their creditors or the amount of debt owing is simply too high.

Warning signs that that it may be time for you to consider filing a consumer proposal include the following:

  1. Your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income;
  2. You use credit to cover monthly expenses;
  3. You are unable to make your monthly minimum payments;
  4. You are unable to reduce your debt, or worse, its going up;
  5. You are near or over your credit limit on your credit cards;
  6. Your accounts are in collection;
  7. You have no money left for any savings.

A consumer proposal will allow you to Reduce And Consolidate your debt. You pay only a fraction of what you owe and eliminate up to 75% of your debt load. The remaining balance, say 25%, is paid by way of one monthly payment that fits your budget. You don’t pay any interest or any additional amounts.

To find out if Consumer proposal is the right solution for you, contact us for a free confidential consultation or click on Why Choose Fontaine to file Your Consumer Proposal.

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