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How to Settle Unpaid Taxes

Many Canadians have unpaid amounts owing to Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”). This debt can be significant and include any of the following amounts:

1. Personal income tax and HST owed by self-employed individuals;
2. Personal income tax owed by employees or retirees;
3. Payroll deductions;
4. Directors’ liabilities;
5. Overpayments of various credits;
6. Interest and penalties;

CRA is a very powerful creditor and can garnishee paychecks, seize bank accounts and lien properties without a court order.

Although you may qualify for a reduction of penalties and interests under a Tax Relief Program, CRA will not voluntarily negotiate or reduce the principal amount owing.

The Secret Is: Unpaid taxes can be settled or completely eliminated by filing a Proposal or a Bankruptcy.

Filing a Proposal or a Bankruptcy will achieve the following goals:

1. Protect your wages and your assets so that CRA cannot seize;
2. In case of a Proposal, allow for the negotiation and settlement of all amounts owing for a fraction of what you owe. You make One Monthly Payment, with no interest.
3. In case of a Bankruptcy, all amounts owing to CRA will be completely eliminated once you get your discharge.

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