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Natalie Faubert

Natalie has been helping people with debt since 1992. She has been with Fontaine & Associates since 1998 and has been a licensed trustee since 2008. She achieved her goal of becoming the first woman partner with the firm in early 2015. Natalie manages the Ottawa West offices as well as the Pembroke office. She has extensive knowledge of consumer proposals and bankruptcies, and has helped countless individuals over the years attain their goals of becoming debt free. Natalie is happily married to her best friend, she has two children and two step children. She enjoys working out in the gym, hiking, cycling and camping.

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Covid-19 / Update :

During this pandemic Licensed Insolvency Trustees were listed as an essential service by the provincial government and our company continued to carry on doing business albeit in a different capacity as we did our part to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. Now that our economy is reopening, we have updated our business operations so that we may continue to serve you in a safe manner. We’ve worked hard to put all the necessary protocols in place to keep you and our team safe.

Our offices are now completely open again for regular business hours. We will however, continue to conduct as many meetings as possible virtually and we will continue to have many of our employees work from home to keep traffic in our offices to a minimum. We also encourage you to call or email the office before stopping in because during this pandemic there have been many changes to allow us to serve you virtually than before.

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